Lead Designer


Lendsnap is a SaSS company focused on creating a simpler and more effecient mortgage application process. When I was brought onto the company, there was very little done on the visual design of the software. Though some conceptual prototypes had been created, they were the bare minimum and did not include many features.

I was under the capacity of a Lead Designer and worked directly with the CEO, CTO and developers to flesh out the end product. I designed the entire application from start to finish and helped create and curate a 70+ page specification document for the remotely-located developers. I also managed the marketing side as well by creating Lendsnap's landing page and rebranding the company to give it a more modern, secure look.

The Software

The Lendsnap software is based around the idea of digitizing the mortgage application process. Over my 8+ months with the company, I not only designed the software from the ground up but also played a large role in strategizing the scope of the product with upper management.

Working within the Agile development process, my team and I iterated over the course of 6 months, our work culminating with being validated and accepted by Y-Combinator.

The Rebrand

After existing in the FinTech industry and building out the actual software, upper management decided there was a need to improve the image of the company. This began with the logo and ended with the website (below).

Lendsnap wanted the new logo to be less literal in its presentation than the old one. The CEO wanted something that would simultaneously stand out in the finance industry and convey the trust and security that larger financial institutions invoke.

After countless iterations and “back-to-the-drawing-board” meetings, this simplistic logo was accepted as the new Lendsnap branding. It is a representation of the main value proposition of the Lendsnap product: digitization of a paper-driven process.

The Website

[click image to view live site]