Lead Designer


Crowdentials is a company I co-founded with two partners while I was in college. Our purpose was to create SaSS applications that allowed entrepreneurs and investors to comply with new SEC regulations within the crowdfunding industry.

Over the 2+ years that Crowdentials existed, I was primarily responsible for all of the visual aspects of the company. This included all of our branding, our marketing initiatives, internal and external collateral, the software we built and the many landing pages that we released. I also handled all of our day-to-day and month-to-month finances as well as all of our HR responsibilities.

Throughout its existence, Crowdentials hired 12 employees and raised half a million dollars in funding. We were accepted into the Flashstarts accelerator program and managed to bring in thousands of dollars in sales.

The Software

The Crowdentials Investor Verification application was based around providing investors with a way to verify their income and/or net worth without releasing any personal financial information.

As the lead designer, I worked with my two co-founders to establish the scope of the application and design it from the ground up. This included starting with sketching and later doing user profiles, user flows and more.

The Branding

The Crowdentials brand was based around two big concepts: the conservative nature of design in the finance/investment industries and the progressive design seen in tech startups. The checkmark within the type represents the company’s motivation to approve investors for entrepreneurs.

The Website

The Crowdentials landing page went through 8 iterations before settling on the version that is currently live. I was responsible for building the concept, designing it from scratch and working with our CTO to produce it.
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