Lead Designer


Crafty, founded in Chicago in 2015, brought me on as their primary designer to help build their brand and their website. Crafty’s main value proposition is being Chicago’s premier food and beverage service for offices and institutions. The founders, all in their 20s and all originally good friends, wanted the vibe of the company to be light-hearted.

The Brand

The ‘light-hearted’ nature of this project allowed me to pick an artistic font that I customized. The inclusion of the Chicago city flag was a decision I made after talking to the founders of Crafty about their expansion plans. Knowing that in the future, they wanted to have a separate presence in different major cities across the nation, I went with the idea of ‘white-labeling’ the logo, allowing it to be adaptive to whatever region it was being used.

The Website

Crafty’s landing page was simple as its function is mostly to inform. The founders wanted to convey the light-hearted vibe of the company while remaining respectable enough to garner B2B sales.

[click image to view live site]