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Bear is an exclusively ecommerce bed-in-a-box mattress company speacializing in providing an alternative to traditional mattress shopping. It was started in 2014 and was run for two years under the sole proprieter. I was the first hire in 2016 and helped establish the foundation for the almost 750% increase in gross profits during my time with the company. Some of my high level achievements include:

  • Led and executed on the creation and establishment of the new, permanent look and feel of the Bear brand
  • Created all of our outward facing assets including ads, logos, packaging, photography, the entire website, social media content, product renders, flyers, signage, etc.
  • Directed photoshoots and other asset creation
  • Performed various customer service duties - everything from actually doing customer service to helping set up some of the foundational processes of what became the customer service department
  • Managed the external development team and oversaw website development
  • Helped to establish, develop and maintain the culture of the company for all subsequent hires

Brand Revamp

When I joined Bear, the company's branding needed to be reworked to establish a more deliberate and cohesive image. I was responsible for planning and executing a complete makeover of the brand starting with the logo and finishing with a full revamp of our e-commerce website. The results from the revamp spoke for themselves as we broke sales records in every subsequent month after the launch.

Website Revamp

The primary goal driving the website revamp was an increase in conversions. Our conversion rate at the time was under 1.5%, far below the potential our product promised. I conducted user surveys, created personas and researched ecommerce conversion tactics in an effort to hone in the design and customer journey of Within 6 months of the revamp, our conversion rate shot up above 2% for the first time and soon after, we hit just under 3%.

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Asset Creation

Along with assisting on the photography of our products, I created all of the graphic assets used on the Bear Mattress website. This includes all iconography, infographics used on various pages and life-like renders of the layers of our mattresses.

Marketing Design

I've handeled a majority of the marketing design since I started at Bear. This includes web ads, postcards, social media posts, on-site promotions, and more.